Labrador Retreiver

Colour : yellow, black, chocolate
Coat Care : moderate
Diet : moderate
Height : 55 – 58cm
Weight : 25 – 36kg

The labrador retreiver is one of the most popular pet dog breeds in the world. This is no surprise to anyone who has ever owned or trained one of these friendly, intelligent and obedient dogs. Labrador retreivers are companionable and get on with people and other pets, including dogs and cats. They are still used as working retreivers in rural areas and, due to their kindly temperament and high intelligence levels, they are commonlyt used as assistance dogs – especially guide dogs.

The labrador retreiver was bred originally in Canada, taking the first part of its name from the region of Canada where the breed originates and the second part from the role that it was bred to perform. Labrador still retains many of its working instincs, so a game of fetch is always welcome. (The complete illustrated encyclopedia of dogs & puppies)