Fascinating Facts of Dogs (1 – 10)

1. Dogs have more than 200 million scent receptors in their nose; human have five million.

2. Dogs are not colour blind; they have a limited capability to see colour but can discem between bright and dark shades.

3. Unlike humans dogs have a blood vessel in their toenails called the quick. If the quick is cut it can lead to serious blood loss.

4. Breeds with heavy jaws, such as the Rottweiler, are less able to communicate with other dogs due to their inability to move their facial muscles.

5. Dogs do not sweat by panting, dogs sweat through the pads of their feet and regulate body temperature through panting.

6. The labrador, newfoundland, akita, chihuahua are all named after the provinces of the countries in which they originated.

7. Smaller breeds typically live longer than large breeds. The border terrier is thought to have the longest average lifespan of any pedigree breed.

8. In ancient Egypt it was traditional for families to shave off all their hair to signal that they were mourning the death of a dog.

9. Two dogs survived the sinking of the titanic by jumping into lifeboats – one was a Pomeranian and the other was a Pekingese.

10. Every pack of dogs will have an alpha male. The alpha male is always the most dominant dog, even if it is not the largest.

(Dikutip dari : The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dogs and Puppies)