Puppy Care

Caring for a newborn puppy is not something that an untrained and inexperienced person should attempt to do. Puppies should never be seperated from their mother before eight weeks after birth. The mother is the best source of food, protection and nurturing that the puppy can have. It is counter productive to remove the puppy from the mother unless due to illness or the mother otherwise being unable to care for the litter, in which case hand rearing may be necessary.

Feeding ….
For the first weeks of their life puppies suckle at the mother’s teat. This is their only source of food at this time and they get all of the nutrients they need from mother’s milk. Newborn and very young puppies do not have teeth. This is because their bodies are not able to tolarate solid food and also because it would cause pain to the nursing bitch.

Hand rearing ….
When caring for a young pup in a domestic situation it is essential that the owner fulfils the role of hunter gatherer. Providing suitable puppy food and formula is essential. Puppies grow extremely quickly and their nutritional need change rapidly.
The best way to judge the success of hand rearing a puppy is to obvserve the young dog’s condition, behaviour and energy levels. If it attempts to suckle continually this can be a sign that it is not getting sufficient sustenance from its mother and therefore will need supplementing with other food.

(Dikutip dari : The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dogs and Puppies)